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Evacuation + City Shelters

Some emergencies may require that you leave your home and travel to an emergency shelter. The City has a list of shelter sites appropriate for various types of disasters. Local officials through local radio and TV stations will inform you when sheltering is necessary and which shelters are open.

Note: Please listen to your local radio station for announcements of shelters that are open.

Disaster Shelter Guidelines

  • If you can, try to seek shelter with friends or relatives outside the affected area.
  • City-run shelters can be set up in schools, municipal buildings, etc.
  • They provide basic food, medicine and water.
  • If possible, bring clothing, bedding, bathing and sanitary supplies, special food and prefilled prescriptions and other medications to shelters.
  • Alcoholic beverages, firearms and illegal substances are not allowed in emergency shelters.
  • Take your Go Bag to the shelter with you.
  • Cooperate with shelter managers and other people in order to make a difficult situation less stressful.

Remember, shelter sites change based on the emergency, so stay tuned to the local news for more information.

NOTE: You cannot bring pets to shelters. Only service animals are allowed. See our Preparedness for Animals page if you have pets.

Hurricane Shelter Locations
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Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
Hurricane Evacuation Maps and Information

The Rhode Island Hurricane Evacuation maps were prepared in coordination with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and local communities and are based on worst-case scenario hurricane inundation maps. In January 2006, the evacuation routes, traffic control points, and sign locations were finalized by each participating Rhode Island coastal city and town. The data was also submitted to the Rhode Island Geographic Information System.

VISIT: Statewide Hurricane Evacuation Maps

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