City of Providence Unveils New ID Program for Business First Responders


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City of Providence Unveils New ID Program for Business First Responders

Corporate Emergency Access System gives businesses access to restricted areas following a disaster
PROVIDENCE - The Providence Emergency Management Agency and the Providence Police Department are taking steps to ensure businesses in Providence remain operational wherever possible in the wake of an emergency or disaster.
The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS), now available to Providence businesses, was announced today at the 20th NorthEast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change (NEDRIX) Annual Conference held in Newport.
Providence is the first city in Rhode Island to adopt the CEAS pre-credentialing program. CEAS is also being used in New York City, Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia, Stamford, Buffalo, and Baltimore. It is the only ID-based program recognized by Providence Police and PEMA to allow companies access to their workplace quickly following an emergency event that results in travel or access restrictions. In the event a disaster disrupts business, CEAS may help limit financial loss, retain customers, and get companies back in business faster.
Watch an informational video on CEAS here:

How does CEAS work?
· Providence businesses can elect to enroll online (at for a per card fee. Companies may designate a limited number of critical employees or contractors to receive a CEAS card prior to any emergency or disaster.
· The CEAS Program enables law enforcement officials to immediately recognize authorized users, allows critical employees to enter restricted areas, reduces enterprise risk, and ensures that the right people have access to the right places at the right time.
· These critical employees can quickly get back to work, assess damages and ensure their companies' viability, continuity and recovery.
Providence businesses interested in participating in the CEAS program can contact Felicia Porawski at PEMA for more information at 401-680-8000 or Get more info about CEAS in Providence at (at
About CEAS and BNET
BNET, is a not-for-profit company dedicated to establishing practical and effective emergency and crisis management solutions through partnerships between the public and private sector. Created by BNET, the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) uses a 'critical employee access card' system to mitigate the economic loss and maintain critical infrastructure when unforeseen events limit access to the workplace. The goal of CEAS is to accelerate recovery time for both business and government
NEDRIX (Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change) is a non-profit organization, formed in 1991, that provides continuity and crisis management professionals access to real time governmental agencies information during a crisis or event.

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